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The company has experienced forty years of development, has now become China's oil drilling accessories processing designated one of the manufacturer

   Mudanjiang Construction Material Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 1971, after forty years of construction and development, has now become China's oil drilling accessories processing designated one of the manufacturer, the strength of enterprise technology, testing equipment, perfect detection means, with the detection of drill pipe thread

    Taper measuring instrument, pitch measuring instrument, tooth Grohe and other detection equipment, all kinds of drill pipe, tubing, casing thread gauge 200 sets; the company has ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic powder flaw detector, of product can be effectively and timely follow-up inspection, to ensure product quality in line with customer requirements.

    The company has independent function and improve the physical and chemical laboratory, can make raw material chemical analysis and products after heat treatment mechanical properties test, on the raw materials into the factory and the special heat treatment process for effective control. At the same time the company is the Heilongjiang province two stage qualified measurement units, can be in strict accordance with the program on the measurement apparatus for periodic verification, ensure the measurement apparatus are controlled effectively, so as to the quality of products provides a strong guarantee.

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