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Frequently Asked Questions


If I collect donations in excess of the minimum $30 donation, do I still have to pay the $30 for myself?

No, the minimum amount of money we ask of each participant is $30.  Please keep in mind this is a minimum pledge. Many of our participants exceed $200 in donations and in doing so have met the minimum donation of $30 per person.


To whom should the checks be made payable to?

Rock River Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. or RRCRF.


I am a donor but cannot make either the Pre-Registration Party on Friday or the Ride on Saturday, but I would still like to turn in my pledges and get my Betty Boop commemorative bandanna.  How can I get one?

If you have a friend or family member that plans to be at the Ride, give them your donations and have them pick it up for you.  If that does not work, please send your pledge sheet and monies (do not send cash) to: RRCRF, 1288 Summit Avenue, Suite 107, Oconomowoc, WI  53066 with a request to mail a bandanna to your home address.


Is the ride optional?

The ride is optional but highly recommended for its’ scenic beauty.  If you choose not to go on the Ride, please plan to register at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson on Saturday morning and return for the post ride party.


How long is the ride and are there stops?

It is a continuous ride, approximately 50 – 70 miles throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We recommend that you start the ride with a FULL TANK OF GAS and an EMPTY BLADDER


Can I get the route information before the ride?

For safety reasons, we do not publish the ride until after the event.


Are the driver and passenger required to have their own pledge packet?

No.  The Sponsor Sheet (located in every pledge packet) has 2 categories: one for the participant (driver) and one for the passenger.  The body of the Sponsor Sheet has a “Paid Donation Participant/Rider” on the left side and a “Paid Donations Participant/Passenger” on the right side.  These sections are to be used to identify the donations to either Rider (left side) or Passenger (right side).


What is the Friday Night Survivors’ Parade?

The parade is a celebration ride of all cancer survivors.  You do not have to be a cancer survivor to be in the parade – it is a celebration ride.  There is NO CHARGE to ride in the “Friday Night Survivors’ Parade”. The parade will stage at Wisconsin Harley Davidson at 5:00pm and leave at 6:00pm.  The parade travels through downtown Oconomowoc and returns to the Wisconsin Harley Davidson parking lot.  The parade is police escorted and it is open to all makes and models of bike. If you cannot ride a bike you can be a part of the ride in your vehicle. After the parade, you are welcome to stay to enjoy the live band, food and beverages.


If I make a donation of an item can I request how it is used?

Contributions received from donors, whether they are tangible property or services rendered shall become the property of “Ridin to a Cure” upon receipt of the contribution and shall be used for the sole purpose of raising funds for the annual “Ridin to a Cure” fundraiser.  We do our very best to honor your suggestion on the best use your donation but final decisions will be made by the “Ridin’ to a Cure” Committees.  Items may also be saved for the following years’ event or returned to the donor if deemed not suitable for the event.  The donor will receive a copy of the donation form and should consult with their tax advisor to determine deductibility.


“Ridin’ to a Cure” does not assume responsibility for any item which is lost, stolen or damaged while on display at the event.



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